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Are you tired of the foreclosure competition, bogus offers, and bank delays? I know I am.

 I’m a local investor that specializes in locating profitable off-market residential and commercial real estate deals for cash buying investors. 

We are looking to build a long term relationship with serious all cash buying commercial and residential investors!

We will strive to generate quality “motivated seller” property leads. All leads are obtained from a multitude of sources, tailored to fit the investors needs. We will also be dedicated to researching all of the available information on each lead to the best of our ability so that the investor can make a sound informed decision before purchasing the property. The investor will receive immediate notification as leads become available.

We Provide Bargains For Bargain Hunters!

We clearly understand the importance of leaving enough “on the table” so that you can make what you need to make on the deal too. 

Get The Deals That Meet Your Investment Criteria Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

Your package will be presented with all the available property metrics and detailed information….

  • Pictures of the property
  • An estimated ARV of the property.
  • Comps of similar properties.
  • An estimated profit margin & all available property metrics.
  • An estimate of needed repairs and more.

We take pride in locating, evaluating, and negotiating great deals for our investors. If you are tired of paying high commissions and wasting your time searching for properties instead of closing deals, then enter your contact information below.

  • Mobile Homes
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Multi-Family Up To 4 Units
  • Residential Notes
  • Pre-Foreclosure Rescue  & REO Investing Opportunities
  • Portfolio Purchase / Refinance Funding programs With Non-Recourse Options.

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